If you're looking for a site that goes nuts over anything that shows up in a photo, then keep moving...

This is not one of those websites that takes a picture of a camera strap and calls it a ghost.

SpookHunters.com challenges haunted hotspots across America. The group ranges from extreme believers to extreme nonbelievers, sprinkled with skeptics in between. This helps to keep everything balanced while hunting a spook.

We are looking for hard evidence that ghost exist! We're not doing this to change the world or convince anyone of anything. We strictly want to see and or experience something for ourselves. Our methods are not exactly conventional due to the fact that the whole field of paranormal ghost investigation is not an exact science and is based off of "best guess" logic anyway.

We will document everything while on a Hunt. Pictures, videos, and various other forms of media will be taken and posted here at the website.

Humor inserted at random.

Happy Hunting!

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