The Hunt for the Devil was an exciting new paranormal concept of a Ghost Investigation show that revolutionized the industry. While the movie itself was crudely edited, and the sound was less than average, Hollywood took notice. This 35 minute short, spawned a whole bunch of lighthearted Investigations shows, some of witch you can still see on cable today.

Written by critically acclaimed author of the weird, Charlie Carlson &'s off the wall founder, Owen Sliter, this actual fact based original Episode exposed the legend of The Devil's Chair!

Is there really a gateway to Hell in this small town cemetery? Does the Devil drink beer? Watch for the first time on the internet, as SpookHunters Owen, Diana, & Damon Hunt for the Devil!

Push Play Below and Enjoy....



Cast & crew of The Hunt For the DEVIL!
Filmed on location in Cassadaga & Lake Helen Florida.
Damon, Brooke, Charlie, Ellen, Greg, Owen
Susan, Diana

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